10-Pass Ozone Update

health care lyme disease therapies Mar 05, 2018

It’s been several months now since we introduced 10-pass ozone therapy at my practice, RestorMedicine, so I thought I’d post a 10-pass ozone update here too. So far we’ve been incredibly happy with the results we’ve seen. Patients are experiencing better energy, clearer cognition, reductions in pain and an acceleration in healing and recovery. While of course there is no one therapy that will work beautifully for everyone, I have been very encouraged and happy with the degree of benefit that I’m seeing with 10-pass ozone.

Ozone therapy can be done alongside medications and/or herbals, or as a stand-alone therapy. I’m all for integrative approaches so depending on what you are using ozone for, I tend to opt for multi-modality approach. For those treating for chronic infections such as Lyme disease, Herxing is a distinct possibility and we often start with only 1-3 passes to see how people respond rather than going directly to 10 right off the bat. Some of our patients come in for weekly sessions, some twice weekly; and our long-distance patients may come for a week or two and do daily sessions during the week. We are seeing the best results in patients who’ve done upwards of 10 sessions, often closer to 20.

Having good veins is definitely a factor in how many passes per session we can do, and how many treatments overall, especially if they’re in a short space of time. We often suggest using a natural supplement that promotes blood vessel strength and integrity to help with that – we like Vessel Forte by Designs for Health, which contains vitamin C, sweet orange, quercetin, gotu kola, horse chestnut and grape seed. Also, we often suggest fish oil and an agent such as Lumbrokinase to help reduce hypercoagulation of the blood. Some patients did a course of 10 treatments quite intensively, took a month off, then returned for another 10, and that seems to have worked very well.

To do ozone therapy we require certain labs be done – clotting factors, G6PD, iron and ferritin, then a basic CBC and CMP. Nothing too fancy, but we need those results before starting 10-pass ozone, something to think about if you’re considering it to make sure they’re done in time regardless of where you are being treated.

We are loving 10-pass ozone – it’s a great therapy, and happily we’re seeing great results with it.