5 Key Supplements To Help You Boost Your Immunity

medicine Apr 07, 2020

Given the current health pandemic, it is more important than ever to support our immune system. Clean food, clean air and clean water are paramount, but we can also utilize specific nutrients to help us get an extra boost.

Here are some of the supplements I am using and recommending to boost immune function and protect our families against current threats –


  • Transfer Factor Multi-immune – transfer factors are molecules that assist with signaling and communication between cells in the immune system, thus making it function more efficiently. Transfer Factor Multi-immune also contains medicinal mushrooms, beta-glucans, and herbs to build immunity.
  • Transfer Factor Sensitive – for our more sensitive patients, this formula contains only the transfer factor element.
  • Lauricidin – derived from coconut, Lauricidin in a form of monolaurin, which has immune-boosting, and antiviral properties especially with upper respiratory infections. It comes in easy-to-take pellets.
  • Dr. Nicola’s Anti-viral Formula – an herbal tincture containing two herbs that help overcome viruses – both the herpes family, which includes Epsein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus and HHV-6; as well as viruses that can cause upper respiratory infections. (Contains: Larrea tridentata, Melissa (Lemon Balm)
  • Dr. Nicola’s Immune Modulating Formula – an herbal tincture that supports healthy immune response, both strengthening innate immunity, while at the same time dampening auto-immune tendencies. (Contains Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Reishi Mushroom, Waxleaf privet, Ashwaghanda, Schizandra, and Melissa).

You can find these products here on the RestorMedicine online store (RestorMedicine is my private practice) – we ship nationally and internationally every day; or San Diegans can pick-up from the office in Mission Hills on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment).

We are also offering intramuscular immune shots!

Nutrients given by injection demonstrate better absorption because they go directly into the bloodstream without being broken down in the digestive tract. Higher doses can be given by injection than can be taken orally leading to a stronger therapeutic effect without side effects. For example, 2 grams of vitamin C might cause digestive upset when taken orally, but the injectable form avoids this problem entirely.

Our immune-boosting shot contains a range of targeted nutrients that have major benefit to various aspects of the immune system, as well as boosting energy and providing antioxidant support:

· Vitamin D

· Zinc

· Vitamin B12

· Glutathione

Shots can be individually tailored where necessary; and can be given at our office, or take-out style to be administered at home. No IV necessary!

Call us on 619 546 4065 for information, scheduling and orders.

Take good care everyone and stay safe.

Dr. Nicola