DIY Essential Oil Bath Salts

health care self care tips Sep 10, 2015

Have you ever wondered what to do with your empty essential oil bottles? Especially when you see a little bit left in the bottom that just won’t drip out? Here is a great solution – beautiful DIY essential oil bath salts – a fantastic way to make the absolute most of your oils:

Put Epsom salts in a glass bowl (not plastic) and put your bottles in there. The salts will absorb the remaining oil out of the bottles, then you have a lovely aromatic bath salt to relax with. Be creative with blending different scents – mix and match, create uplifting blends and calming, relaxing blends.

My personal favorite combination is lavender and cedarwood if I’m bathing at night. If it’s during the day, I love lemongrass and rosemary as they’re more uplifting and stimulating (like I ever get to take a bath during the day!). Next time I’m going to make one with lavender and ylang ylang for Valentina- she loves those oils in her bath and Epsom salts are a great addition for her too, especially now in summer when she’s swimming a lot as Epsom salts help to detoxify the chlorine from the pool. I could see using frankincense too but haven’t done that yet. That would make an epic bath salt!!

These baths salts in a jar with a pretty ribbon around would make amazing gifts too.

I love simple creative ideas like this that help me to use my oils in every way possible as well as get absolutely top value from each bottle.