Everything is Figureoutable

Apr 18, 2023

Last week I participated in Tony Robbins' program called Unleash the Power Within. It was a great few days with lots of insights and ah-ha moments!

One of the things that was most impactful for me was the concept that the people who achieve the most in life aren't necessarily the people who have the most resources ... the most time, the most energy, the most money, the most contacts etc. In fact, their perceived lack of such resources is one of the ways people stay stuck and blame their external circumstances for what's happening in their life, whether it be their health, wealth, career or relationships.

Rather, the people that achieve the most in life do so because they are resourceful. They are the people that no matter what, they will find what they need - they'll find the time, they'll find the money, they'll make the contacts, they'll gather the knowledge and skills, they'll find the right people to guide them. Simply put, they'll figure it out no matter what when they are passionately committed to an outcome, a result, a goal.

Another participant in the seminar mentioned a book that she had read about exactly this - it's called Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. Marie's mother had the attitude that everything had a solution, there was always a way, you just had to look for it and get more creative. Tony Robbins would probably say, get more resourceful. Marie describes how her mom's attitude shaped her own outlook on life and how that helped her to become wildly successful and fulfilled. It's available on Amazon (of course!).

Is there an area of your life right now that is requiring you to get more resourceful? Maybe there are things on your health journey that need to be figured out - the right practitioners, the right treatment, how to pay for it all; maybe it's finding meaningful work that fits with your needs to work from home and have flexible hours; maybe it's addressing a break down in a relationship.

Whatever it is, how would that change if you believed that indeed, everything was figureoutable? What might that open up for you?

I've really been enjoying Marie's book this week - it's fun and entertaining, but contains great nuggets of truths ... and it's very much aligned with the principles I teach in my Transformational Healing Academy about how our thoughts and emotions truly create our reality and how much power we have to create the life we want.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!