Ketones For Energy and Mental Focus

health care mental health Dec 12, 2016

The ketogenic diet has been used for years to help push people into a state of ketosis, with the goal of weight loss, boosts in energy and mental focus. In a state of ketosis, the body is burning fat for energy. The result of this is ketone production. Ketones are used by our bodies to generate energy, as an alternative to glucose. For the past couple of months I have taken a supplement containing ketones for energy and mental focus, and the difference has been profound. It’s possible to get the benefits of ketones without having to be as extreme as the ketogenic diet.

I am a big fan of low-carb eating, and I don’t eat grains, sugar or gluten at all. But I can’t say I’m strict enough to be putting my body into ketosis from just my diet alone. That is where exogenous ketones come in.

I have been doing a trial of KetoOS – an exogenous ketone supplement – and am LOVING the benefits. I have more energy than I’ve had in ages. One patient came in the other day and said to me “Doc, you’re looking so bright and energetic, last time I was in I was thinking that you looked kinda tired”! Have to appreciate his honesty! I run three miles Monday through Friday; usually my Monday runs are easy as I’ve rested over the weekend, but by Friday I’m definitely dragging. Since taking ketones, every single run since then has felt easy. In fact, where normally spin classes would feel like torture to me, I’m seeking them out as I want something more challenging.

My brain focus has also been amazing too. I find concentrating with patients easy to do, but writing is a different thing. It’s quite hard for me to get focused and just sit and write for hours. But I have been these past few weeks. It’s sooooo nice.

Ketones are big in the athletic communities, but frankly, I see such a benefit for tired, sleep-deprived moms who just want better day-to-day functioning. I’m also seeing huge benefits in my patients, since fatigue and brain fog are two huge issues for many of them.

Click here to see a cute little video of how ketones work as a fuel source (click on How It Works). If you are interested in trying them, you can do a 5-day trial for $25. Just email me and we’ll set it up. They come in orange, chocolate and fruit punch flavor, caffeinated or decaffeinated, with MCTs or without MCTs. I can help you figure out what’s best for you.

I take my little pouch of chocolatey powder in water each morning. I choose the decaf since I’m pretty caffeine sensitive – the energy boost is certainly not dependent on the caffeine. It’s made such a profound difference to my level of functioning – my energy is great, I’m getting a ton done, and I don’t feel physically or mentally drained at the end of my long days. KetoOS is safe for nursing moms too. I’m a fan, and give it a big thumbs up.