Lyme-Ed Online Course For Practitioners

courses lyme disease Jul 05, 2018

Are you a health practitioner who sees Lyme patients but needs more training and support to know how to effectively address it? Are you a patient who’s treating doc is Lyme-friendly but not as knowledgeable as they could be? I’m excited to announce that my new online course, Lyme-Ed For Practitioners, is now available. Lyme-Ed Online Course For Practitioners is designed to provide health care providers with comprehensive information on integrative approaches to Lyme disease treatment – everything from antibiotic protocols to herbal protocols to detox strategies; from practice management considerations to 10 things that can hinder your patients’ recovery. It provides ongoing support with bi-monthly Q&A calls and case studies to assist practitioners in becoming comfortable and confident helping their Lyme patients.

This course would be appropriate for MDs, NDs, nutritionists, herbalists, nurses, chiropractors – really any health professional seeking in-depth, practical and clinically-relevant information on Lyme disease. We need more practitioners who are knowledgable about Lyme with the ever-increasing number of patients, and this program aims to bridge a gap in the education process.

Click here see just how comprehensive this program is and to register for a FREE webinar:

The layperson version, Lyme-Ed For Patients, can be found here:

Please pass this email along to your health care provider if you think they may benefit from Lyme-Ed For Practitioners. I would greatly appreciate you helping me get the word out. It is crucial that more clinicians understand Lyme and it’s complexities so that more patients can get the help they need.