Therapeutic Gemstone Energy Medicine

medicine therapies Oct 02, 2017

Gemstone therapy is a form of energy medicine, which uses the unique energies of each stone to guide our bodies own healing forces. We have started incorporating Therapeutic Gemstone Energy Medicine into some of our patient care protocols, and our patients are loving it. People report less pain, better energy and feeling calmer and more centered overall. My other naturopathic doctor at RestorMedicine is our gemstone practitioner, and I’m always happy to hear such good reports on how people feel after it. You can read more about Dr. Emily here.

Dr. Emily uses Gemstones in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to help balance meridians and energy throughout our bodies. Gemstone treatments can be used to treat emotional concerns, mental complaints, physical pain, and acute and chronic illnesses.

The gemstones Dr. Emily uses come from Gemisphere, which provide high quality and pure therapeutic grade gemstones to be used in healing. Gemstone’s shape profoundly affects the way it can express its energy—and thus its ability to deliver its healing properties. The ideal shape for a therapeutic gemstone is the sphere. Cutting a raw gemstone crystal into a sphere exponentially increases its ability to reach and heal the deepest, energetic aspects of our being, where the root causes of disease and distress lie.

Each stone has it’s own properties based off of it’s mineral composition and color. As light enters the stone and reflects off the center, specific wavelengths and frequencies are radiated, which can enter our energetic fields and influence healing. Gemstones crystals are used in lasers to perform delicate surgeries and in computers to propel information around the globe. Similarly, we can use certain gemstones to focus and amplify the body’s innate energies to uplift our health.

I always love to learn about new modalities (there’s nothing new about gemstones, it’s just newer to me), and this is one that’s certainly growing in popularity in our practice. But I love that it’s also something that can be incorporated into health practices at home too.