Why Rewiring the Brain is So Much More Than Mindset

Apr 18, 2023

When we talk about mindset, it’s easy to think of just thinking positive and that’s it. But to truly shift the way you think and feel, about your illness, and about your life as a whole, there is more to it than that.

To experience profound shifts, we have to actually rewire our brain, both on the conscious and subconscious level.

Our conscious mind is what we are thinking on a minute-by-minute basis. We think our conscious mind is the main player in how we see the world, but in reality it’s a miniscule piece, accounting for just 0.04% of what we call our reality.

Our subconscious mind accounts for 99.6% of our reality, and houses our deep seated values, and beliefs. Many of our limiting beliefs come from the dark depths of our subconscious, that’s why we find ourselves saying one thing in our conscious mind but doing something else.  Have you ever set a goal for yourself, and thought you really wanted to achieve it, but something got in the way, it’s like you sabotaged yourself? It’s because there can be a disconnect between what you want consciously and your deeper subconscious programming.

Part of the work in healing from chronic illness is addressing the different levels of the mind – our identity, our values, our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions – because those are the things that determine the results we get in our life.

Some of these things occur on a conscious levels, for example, a decision to go out for a walk to move our body and get our heart rate up; others are more subconscious, for example, not getting out and going for a walk because on a deeper level, we feel hopeless and ashamed of our body and unworthy of taking care of it and the health benefits that come with that.

In my Transformational Healing Academy, I teach how to rewire the brain on both the conscious and subconscious levels. We learn how to create new neural pathways, how to strengthen healthy neural pathways, and how to dissolve unhealthy neural pathways; we learn how to use our thoughts and emotions to balance stress hormones, to increase immune function, and help regulate gene expression. We learn how to release limiting beliefs, and even how to shift our identity, who we are in the world, from negative, non-resourceful states to more positive and resourceful states.

I’m humbled and at the same time excited to say that this program is changing lives of people who are living with chronic illness.

If you are someone who is committed to healing on every level from chronic illness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, then I would invite you to join me for this transformational journey.

I will be running The Transformational Healing Academy again in the summer, so check it out here and join the waitlist. Groups are kept extremely small intentionally for more personal connection and coaching.

I can’t wait to witness your transformation.