Your identity – what you say after “I am”.

self care tips Mar 16, 2023

Your identity – what you say after “I am”.


Our identity is one of the deepest, most central layers of who we are – some would say the deepest, second only to our soul or spirit.


The words we say after “I am” reflect our identity. Some things we say after “I am” are empowering and resourceful … others are disempowering.


It’s an important distinction to make, since how we see ourselves filters down to all many other levels – it will influence our values, define our beliefs, impact our sense of our own potential - and will ultimately regulate our behaviors in the world, and thus the results we achieve.


It all starts with how we view ourselves.


What are you saying after “I am”? Are you speaking empowering words or disempowering words about yourself? Are you stuck in the victim role or are you claiming positive things in your life?


Let me give you an example … let’s say you have a chronic illness, let’s just say it’s Lyme disease … what’s your identity around that?


Are you identifying as “I am a Lyme sufferer”? … or are you identifying as “I am a person who is healing from Lyme disease”?


If you were stuck with that identity for the rest of your life (which you’re not, by the way, but hypothetically), which would you rather adopt?


What we say after “I am” or even “I am not” defines us.


I am stupid.

I am broke.

I am never going to get well.

I am not loved.

I am not capable of achieving my goals.


Or …


I am healing.

I am doing my very best.

I am creative.

I am loveable.

I am worthy of everything I desire.


Do you see the difference? You can feel it, it’s palpable.

So please, start becoming aware of what you put after “I am” and “I am not”. You can choose to change the words you choose, and that will ultimately change how you see yourself in the world. It will help you to become more empowered, and your subconscious mind will start to get in alignment with your conscious mind and it will be so.


I can’t wait to see how this changes everything for you.