Lyme Ed for Patients

Do you spend hours on the computer every night searching information about Lyme treatment, but just end up overwhelmed and still not knowing what’s right?

Do you love your LLMD but want a more integrative approach?

Do you hear about all kinds of treatment options but not know which ones may be right for you?

Lyme-Ed solves that confusion. In over 20 hours of valuable content, you can learn everything you need to know about adopting an integrative approach to Lyme - including what adopting an integrative approach actually means!

Learn the nuances that you won't find anywhere else - what to do if antibiotics stop working, how to use a herbal co-infection provocation to assess which co-infections are dominant for you, strategies for emotional healing and ways to break through detrimental neural pathways, and 10 key factors that can hinder your recovery.

You will learn why detoxification is so crucial and how to best support it, how to adjust your nutrition to reduce inflammation, and how to manage the symptoms that are so common in Lyme including pain, mood imbalances, cognitive deficits and fatigue.

If you want to understand the complex illness that chronic Lyme disease is, make sure you are covering the bases you need to cover, or  find new ideas for your treatment, Lyme-Ed is the program for you.


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