Lyme Ed for Practitioners

Chronic Lyme disease is a complex situation. Whether you are already working with Lyme patients and want to expand your knowledge, or are brand new to Lyme and are trying to figure out what tests to run and where to start, Lyme-Ed for Practitioners will offer you a vast knowledge base and give you the confidence to help this challenging but well-deserving population.

In over 20 hours of valuable content, you can learn everything you need to know about adopting an integrative approach to Lyme.

Learn the nuances that you won't find anywhere else – when to use antibiotics versus natural approaches, what to do if antibiotics stop working, how to use a herbal co-infection provocation to assess which co-infections are dominant for your patients and clients, practical considerations for managing Lyme patients in your practice, and clinical pearls to help your patients thrive.

You will learn about detoxification strategies; how to regulate hormones and digestive function in your patients; helping them regulate their moods and manage their symptoms while you work on the underlying cause.

If you want to understand the complex illness that chronic Lyme disease is, make sure you are covering the bases you need to cover, or  find new ideas for your treatment protocols, Lyme-Ed for Practitioners is the program for you.

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