The Down and Dirty Truths About
Chronic Lyme Disease

(and How To Avoid the Pitfalls)



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Here’s the truth that no one wants to talk about: Lyme disease is an absolute nightmare for everyone and everyone can be at risk.

It can ruin lives, destroy families, and bankrupt individuals.

It’s also political and divisive.

Ridiculously, a huge facet of the medical community doesn’t even believe in chronic Lyme. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people aren’t getting accurately diagnosed, or getting the help they need.

In my mini-course, Down and Dirty Truths About Chronic Lyme Disease, I delve into some of the core issues in the world of chronic Lyme that people aren’t talking about, at least not in the traditional medical establishment.

We need to get real about this situation in order to change the rhetoric and get people well.

We need to get down and dirty and expose the truths about chronic Lyme disease.


The down and dirty truths you will learn:

  • Why a negative test for Lyme disease doesn’t mean you don’t have it
  • Why not having a known tick bite doesn’t mean you don’t have it
  • Why an infectious disease doc might be the worst doc for you to see
  • That you don’t need to choose between natural and antibiotic therapy, and that there’s no right and wrong/ black and white answer of what’s best
  • How treating with a single antibiotic might make you worse in the long run
  • Why treatment might set you on a rollercoaster of feeling worse before you feel better
  • Can you expect to cure Lyme, or just hope for remission

While it’s important to know the reality of what we’re dealing with in the world of Lyme disease, I also want to offer some ways to avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll find these things in the mini-course as well. 

  • How to get accurate testing for Lyme.
  • How to find a doctor that can help you heal from chronic Lyme.
  • How to recognize a comprehensive treatment strategy.
  • How to navigate Herx reactions.
  • Insights from my 20 years of experience in treating chronic Lyme.